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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Installing Memcache on CentOS


  • Check to make sure that you are running a recent version of CentOS by entering "cat /etc/redhat-release." As of June 2011, the most recent version of CentOS is version 5.6.
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    Download and setup your system and Memcache to be installed on your server by entering the following commands:
    "cd /user/local/src"
    "curl -O"
    "tar xzvf memcached-1.4.5.tar.gz"
    "cd memcached-1.4.5"
    "LDFLAGS='-W1, --rpath /usr/local/lib' ./configure --prefix=/usr/local"
    These commands move the src directory on your system, download Memcache and set the flags that are required to make Memcache work properly on your system.
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    Run a simple make install to complete the Memcache installation; the code for this is "make && make install." Please note that you will need root privileges to run this command successfully; this is done in CentOS using the "su" command and entering your root password. Be sure that when the process is completed you "su" back your regular user.
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    Verify that Memcache is installed properly on your system using the following command: "ps auz | grep memcached." If there are no errors printed in your terminal, then everything is fine with your installation. You can stop Memcache with "pkill memcached."

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