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Thursday, December 22, 2011

[solved] Xenserver : The device name autodetect is invalid

At a nice day when you reboot your vps it return this error:
The device name autodetect is invalid

I solved this problem by copy file vhd  (/var/run/sr-mount/... ) of vps had problem to another xenserver at folder in /var/run/sr-mount/xxx-xxx that you see it have much space ,
   (if you want to know uuid of vhd of vps just type this cmd: xe vdi-list .).

On xenserver that you want to copy file vhd to ,you just create a vps same type with old vps on old xenserver but don't start,after you create a vps xenserver will create a .vhd file on /var/run/sr-mount/... you just copy file .vhd  on vps has problem to dir that file .vhd of new Vps created and rename this file to same name with file .vhd that New Vps created ,that's all.
Good luck

Nguyen Si Nhan

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