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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cpanel: Export email account to file

1. Use an editor to create new file with below content set with name getAllEmail.awk:

#!/bin/awk -f
# File: getAllEmail.awk
# This awk script takes the input of ls -d /home/*/mail/*/*
# checks to see if the directory exists, then outputs the email address. My example
# outputs them to a text file called emailaddress.txt
# I wrote it to get all the email addresses out of my cpanel box.
# You are free to use this program for your own purposes. If you
# improve it, please let me know. If it is horribly flawed, please let me know.
# Author: Hans C. Kaspersetz
# Date: 10/27/2007
# Email: hans [at] cyberxdesigns [dot] com
# Usage on cpaneli cli> ls -d /home/*/mail/*/*/ | getAllEmail.awk > emailaddress.txt

tcmd = "test -d " $1
print MyArray[6] "@" MyArray[5]
 2. After that run below cmd with root privileges:

#ls -d /home/*/mail/*/*/ | awk -f getAllEmail.awk > emailaddress.txt

Nguyen Si Nhan - Cpanel.net

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